My Cancer Diagnosis Opened the Door to the Objective Psyche

A Lecture by Diane DeArmond, Friday, March 16, 2018, 7:30pm

St. James Episcopal Church, 1018 Farmington Ave, West Hartford, CT 06107

Lecture Fee $15 ($8 Students)

My experience with a cancer diagnosis led me to an interest in my dreams that I had not had before.  I began to realize that the Self had a different point of view than my ego.  In my waking life I was terrified. However in my dreams I was reassured.  My dreams suggested that my cancer had meaning for me that was beyond my physical experience.  I began to be led by my dreams through a healing process that brought a new state of consciousness, that of the archetypal view of reality.  My body may be perishable but the Self is “eternal, indestructible and impenetrable” (Bhagavad Gita).

Diane DeArmond, Ph.D., is Professor Emerita of Psychology from the University of Missouri in Kansas City.  She carried a private practice until her 80th year, and now that she is retired, she studies her dreams.