A Study of C.G.Jung’s The Red Book

Seminars with James Scherer

Time: Saturdays 9:30 – 12 Noon
Place: St. John’s Episcopal Church, 679 Farmington Avenue, West Hartford, CT 06119
Fall Seminar 2017: September 30,  October 7, 21, 28,  November 4, 11, 25
Winter Seminar 2018: January 6, 13, 20, 27,  February 3, 10, 17
Spring Seminar 2018: March 24,  31,  April 7, 14, 21, 28, May 5
Seminar Fee: $250.

The Red Book classes began in CAJP’s 2017 Spring Semester.  A waiting list became necessary. If you are interested in participating and would like to be placed on this waiting list, please contact the CAJP at info@jungct.org or call Jim Govoni at 860-948-9445.  The Red Book classes will be held during the three semesters of this current Program Year and thereafter until we eventually finish our study.  A copy of the Reader’s Edition of The Red Book is required of all class members.

A Study of C.G. Jung’s The  Red Book

From his Collective Works, we experience C.G. Jung primarily as a doctor–a physician, a psychiatrist, a psychologist, and last but not least a student of mankind’s history of religious ideas. From The Red Book, we experience a different Jung.  Here we experience Jung so to speak as his own patient, as the person suffering under inexplicable and irrational forces originating from within the depths of his own psyche, and his struggle to understand what these experiences were asking of him. For example, we read of the dialogues he faithfully recorded with a series of archetypal figures, and the insights he drew as the result of these encounters.  It was the figures of Elijah, Salome, Philemon, and finally the remarkable “shade” at the end of the Scrutinies chapter, who were Jung’s primary companions during this unexpected experience of the Self.  As a result, The Red Book becomes a description of the path which led Jung towards an understanding of the nature of the Self. Through Jung’s own story, The Red Book describes how the psyche’s healing has its origins within itself.

James Scherer is a graduate of the C. G. Jung Institute, Zurich, with a Diploma in Analytical Psychology.  He lives in Hartford where he has practiced as an analyst since 1986.  During these years he has offered continuing Saturday seminars and occasional lectures.