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The Connecticut Association for Jungian Psychology is a nonprofit organization established in 1981, existing in order to provide an opportunity for lectures, study, and discussion of the work of C. G. Jung. CAJP is dedicated to making the methods and insights of Jung more widely available to individuals and professional groups through a program of extended education. Lectures, workshops, and seminars are scheduled in the Hartford area normally from September to May. The CAJP Board meets semiannually and copies of the minutes of these meetings are available upon request.


Who is Carl Jung

Carl Gustav Jung (1875 – ­1961) was a Swiss psychiatrist who founded analytical psychology. His work has been influential in psychology, psychiatry, philosophy, anthropology, archaeology, literature, and religious studies. Some of his best known psychological concepts include individuation, the archetype, the collective unconscious, the shadow, the anima and animus, the complex and psychological types (extraversion and introversion).


Full 2019-2020 Lecture Series coming soon – stay tuned!



A Lecture by Russell Holmes

Friday, September 20, 2019, 7:30pm

St. James Episcopal Church

1018 Farmington Ave

West Hartford, CT 06107


Lecture Fee: $15 *($8 Students). Lecture Fees are collected at the door.

* Tax deductible donations above the standard Lecture fees are always appreciated. The CAJP depends on your
kind and ongoing support. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to CAJP and mail to: CAJP, P.O. Box
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With recently published details of the bee “colony collapse disorder” we are more aware of the
presence and function of the honey bee, and forced to a renewed interest in what most of us ignore or
take for granted. We are told by experts that we are dependent on the pollinated activities of bees for
one third of our food supply.

First off, the hive life of bees is both fascinating and a model for individuation—“they always go for the rose” (Jung). And more specifically, for our purposes, they are related, via honey, to alchemical Coagulatio, the process of getting life materialized and solidified.. Jung comments that honey is essential, the alluring sweetness that excited desire and lures us into life and reality—go for it! In the Odyssey there is a scene in a cave (“Cave of the Nymphs”) where bees deposit their honey and large stone jugs. The cave has two entrances. the first is for souls lured from heaven (caelum) to incarnation; The second is an entrance for souls lured from incarnation to immortal divine life (caelum). The sweetness of the honey excites the desire to both these realities…

From the beginning (100 million years) bees have been significant providers of honey, wax and symbolism in all cultures and religions . Mr. Holmes will discuss these, including references to unconscious material.

Russell Holmes, IAAP is a Jungian Analyst, a graduate of C.G. Jung Institute Zurich, and a member of the New England Society of Jungian Analysts and the International Association of Analytical Psychology. He is retired from private practice and resides in Webster, New Hampshire.





A Study of C.G.Jung’s The Red Book

Time: Saturdays 9:30 – 12 Noon

Place: St. John’s Episcopal Church, 679 Farmington Avenue, West Hartford, CT 06119 

Class Schedule for 2019-2020 season:

Fall October 5,12,19,26, and Nov. 2,9,16, 2019.
Winter January 4,11,18,25, and February 1,8,15 2020
Spring March 7,14 21 28 and April 4,11,18 2020

Seminar Fee: $275. 4 Spots Left as of 9/23/19.  Please Contact: or call 860-948-9445

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St. James Episcopal Church
1018 Farmington Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06107